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Van Curen Leather

Handmade Boots and Custom Leather


Handmade Boots

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Custom Leather

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About Me

My introduction to the leather industry began when I was in high school.  I started working at a local boot repair shop in Mt. Pleasant, Texas in 2008, saddle soaping dirty, worn out boots and breaking them down in preparation for new soles; I gradually worked my way up to sole stitching and full repairs.  In 2009 I was given a Tandy belt kit for Christmas by my folks. I loved it and leatherwork quickly turned into a great side income that helped pay for most of my college education. In 2012, I attended the Wichita Falls Boot and Saddle Maker Roundup for the first time and was amazed by all of the great work on display.  That weekend I decided that I wanted to build a pair of boots. Once again, that Christmas I was gifted a D.W. Frommer book on boot making and used that book along with a few limited internet resources to build my first pair of cowboy boots. I continued by making a few pair for family and friends.  In 2017 I began to get phone calls from people wanting my boots and it has taken off from there. My clients are always the inspiration for my work. During our consultation we sit down and work together to design their custom boots. We always discuss what type of boots they would like, and I give suggestions, but the customer ultimately decides on all material types and colors. I hand select all of my leather and only use premium cuts of hide to give my clients the best possible products. Most of my customers do give me free license on the upper top stitch design and this really allows my artistic vision to shine. I really enjoy designing new, unique stitching and tooling patterns. I am a perfectionist. Each time that I finish a pair of boots or a tooled item, I closely evaluate my work to try and determine how I can improve on them for next time. There is always more to learn. I have made many great friends in the boot industry, such as Mike Vaughn and Brian Thomas, and they have helped me greatly in moving forward with my craft. I work in my studio almost every morning from 3am until 6am before leaving to teach High School Agriculture in Big Sandy, Texas. When I’m not working on boots, teaching, or traveling to livestock shows I like to spend time with my wife Lindsey and our boys, Jett, Judson, and Jase.

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Jarrett Van Curen

Tel: (903)434-9812

930 FM 3042 Pittsburg, TX 75686

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